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05 September 2009

Slippy Slidy - Darn those Cushions!

I finally got sick and tired of pushing my cushions back onto the couch the way that they are supposed to be. So I fixed it! Here is my step by step!!!!

Supplies needed:

I suggest using Home Decor Velcro, instead of any other type. It's made to endure!!! This is the stuff I used. It comes in Black and White. Hancock Fabric had it for $9.99!

First, you need to vacuum and make sure that the surfaces you will be using are clean. Because we all know how children and, *ahem* , husbands are! LOL!

Then I took my Velcro and cut it into 2 pieces. Making each 3 feet long. Then each of those were cut in half. I placed them on the bottom of each cushion so that it would lay width wise of the couch (vertical) and glued in place.

Then I took my other strip of Velcro (in my case the fuzzy part), cut it in half and placed on the actual couch itself length wise (horizontal) so that each cushion would always have 3 points of contact. Of course, I hot glued these also! And would you know, not once did I burn anything! LOL!

I let the glue sit for about 10 minutes before placing my cushions back.

And now, I have my couch perfect! No more slippy slidy cushions!! WooHoo!!!!


Letti said...

Very clever and smart. I will never ever buy a couch that the back cushions come off. My kids love to use them as landing zones.

Mom's Place said...

The back is just pillows. I love it! Makes it so nice if I want to lay down and snooze! Now it is MUCH harder for them to take the actual cushions off to jump on!