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16 September 2009

10 things you can do as a Ten-Year-Old

1. Eat 10 pieces of cake (one for each year)

2. Brag about blowing out 10 candles (9 is, like, for amateurs)

3. Count your age using ALL of your fingers (that pinky's been waiting all day)

4. Say "Oh, oops, that was SO nine of me".

5. Kiss those single digit days good-bye!

6. Remind everyone that you're only 6 years away from having a driver's license...

7. ...and only 1 "E" from being a TEEN.

8. Have everyone address you as "Your X-cellence" (A roman numeral you can actually use!!)

9. Celebrate being a decade old.

10. And Finally...

Enjoy being a PERFECT 10!!

That's one of the cards Katie got for her birthday!!!

Happy Birthday KateLynn!!!!


Our House said...

Excellent picture....and outfit:)

April Miner said...

cute! They grow so fast...