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12 August 2009

The super fun, oober crazy, just half over week!

Sunday night my good friend Kym and I were chatting it up on facebook when she asked if my girls would be participating in Missoula . Having no clue what that was, I asked. Turns out it's a traveling Children's Theatre Company that comes to the base every year for a week and gives kids Kindergarten through 12th grade experience in the preforming arts!

Monday morning, bright and early (this includes leaving the house any time before noon), we made our way on base to auditions! All three of the girls that tried out got parts! Trice is a Barnyard Critter and today claimed role as one of 2 sheep. Zada is a younger daughter in the production and has a part as Bobbie Jo. Katie is a member of the Towns People and has many singing, dancing and speaking parts!

This year the production is "Beauty Lou and the Country Beast". It is so cute and thus far everyone is having a blast!! More pictures to come!

Katie next to her friend Grace (in the pink shirt).


Trice practicing being a sheep!

Emma and our friend Megan - they are the cheering section!

What Regin does while practice is taking place (in his new stroller! Thanks mom!!! We picked it up last night and as you can tell we all love it!)!

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Letti said...

Busy busy busy. Regin looks so comfortable.