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28 August 2009

All About Hair

This morning Emma decided that she was going to take a comb and curl her hair while I was in the bathroom. She comes in and says, "Mommy, your comb is stuck in my hair". My stomach sank knowing what I feared most had happened. Indeed, the comb was very much, stuck in her hair!

Rewind to Wednesday....Emma out of the blue states that she wants short hair like Katie, Zada, and a few of our friends. When asked why she exclaims, "It will make me bigger like them!"

Isn't her hair so pretty and long?!

Rich and I talked it over, and as much as I hate the idea of having to cut her hair, we needed to do it. For many reasons really! The poor thing has split ends all over the place. Rich doesn't care for the uneven natural growth look, and well there is the history with the sisters! Her sisters with the 1 exception of Katie, have all taken cutting their hair into their own hands. Zada being the most adventurous in doing it. With as much as Emma looks up to her sisters, Rich urged me to make an appointment. So I did...for today.

Here is a glimpse of her adventure!!!

She looks so grown up now!


Rachel and Danny said...

it's so cute!r

Missy said...

It's all about the sucker at the end.

Letti said...

I love the new do. Little girls with uncut hair bugs me for some reason. I think it looks so much thicker and healthier. She looks like she likes it too.