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09 June 2009

35 weeks 3 days

Had my group B done as a formality. It was found to be the cause of a UTI I had in the very beginning. But if Pediatrics doesn't have the official lab work - they throw a fit. She said, and I already knew, that he is extremely low and that without a doubt that he did turn to head down like I had thought before my last apt. I'm not dilated any.

We toured L&D after my apt. and my doc ordered me to have my bags packed before my next apt next week. We already planned to put the carseat in the car this weekend, so it's all good!

It was cool to see L&D today. It was unrecognizable compared to when I had Zada there! TONS of new stuff. All rooms are suites! The hospital and my doc will stick to what I want to do...so they claim! Not like we will be there long enough for them to try to talk me out of things!

Made me chuckle that some of the first things they talked to us about was where the OB OR is..."just in case", and asked if I plan to have an epi.

I'll post a new pic later...need to get dinner going!

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