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08 April 2009

Surgery #3

As most know, surgery for Emma can be anything but the norm. Today it was very much the norm! Once she was taken back to the OR, I had enough time to run to her room which was at the end of the hall, pee, and go sit in the waiting room. A total of 10 minutes in, she was done! Our fastest surgical trip ever! She did fantastic! Breathing was awesome! PulsOx never fell below 95%. What does this mean??? Even though this was only to replace a single vent tube, as long as we are with this current ENT, if any other replacements are needed, they can be done in his office!!!

They actually gave her the "loopy syrup" this time instead of talking about it! It was so funny to watch her act like she was drunk! The were a few times that she would look up, lean all the way back and exclaim, "Hey, there are polka dots on the ceiling". All the OR nurses as well as I were busting up! She was so funny!!!

Here are a few pictures from today. I took Rich's camera out with me since it is a ton more compact than mine and could fit in my purse!

Pre surgery waiting:

Post surgery after calming down:

The nurse brought in some orange jello for her. She had that downed like it was no ones business!

She is doing well. Every once in a while she complains that her ear hurts her. She goes back in 3 weeks for a follow up.

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