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16 March 2009

23 weeks 3 Days

Things went well at my appointment today. Gained weight (not saying what or how much). Measured 24 weeks. RX's refilled and was told to start taking Zantac for my heartburn. It is VERY bad this time around and tends to keep me up all night. Regin was wiggly the whole time and proved to the doctor that he loves to boogy! His heart rate was 159!!

My next appointment will be in 4 weeks. I get to have a 4D ultrasound that will be recorded on DVD for us. I also get the pleasure *clears throat* to take the lovely glucose test. Only I don't have to drink the nasty concoction!!!! I get to try to scarf down 18 large jelly beans instead! Oh, and I was told to make sure that I eat something heavy in protein right before my appointment. That should help with any yuckiness that I normally would feel.

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