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16 February 2009

Another appointment down!

He is most definitely still a he!!!!! Took Trice and Emma to see him. They were amazed! They thought it was so cool when he would move! Rich is over the moon, since he was able to be there this time and see for himself! He measured right on date this time, so my EDD is official and will not be moving up! My placenta has moved way up, so no more threat there!!! It was so much fun, and a bit painful when she would press to get a look at something and he would stretch back at the tech! He kept his hands and his feet in his face almost the entire time also! The girls laughed pretty hard over that!!! Anytime they would make me laugh or the tech would poke my tummy to make him wiggle they would bust up. It made me laugh even harder! His profile (though the pic isn't a good one) is remarkable! He is perfect! I have no need to worry about PRS anymore this pregnancy. This was the stage that we were at when we found out about Emma, so it is a huge relief. We had a fantastic apt. today and will be going back in 4 weeks and seeing him again in 8 to 12 weeks!

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