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27 September 2008

KateLynn runs her first 2-mile race!

Today Rich was to run in the Armydillo Run. Over dinner last night, KateLynn decided that she would like to run with him. We knew she was a good runner, but we didn't realize how good!!! She ran 2 miles in 16:19:38! Yes...just over 16 minutes! Rich came in 4th in his age group (not even trying to run for any time) and KateLynn, well, she took 1st place in her age group! I'm so proud of her!!!

Results can be seen here:


I will be submitting some picture for the site, but here are a few of the day!

Before the race:

Fort Concho supplied a cannon to start each race set.

Coming in on the home stretch

Just after crossing the finish line!

We are so proud of her! We looked around today and have found that there is a running club here in the area. So this next week we will be registering her. She will be practicing 4 days a week. 3 days with the school and 3 days with the club (1 day she has both).

She is VERY excited!!!!

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