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19 June 2008


Rich took part in a Change of Command Ceremony this past Tuesday. He posted the Army colors for it. Huge job! He was so sore after all of the practices that they had had previous, plus the one directly prior to the actual event. You see, the Army Colors, is heavy...very heavy. Any ways I placed the pics up on my Photography Blog:


You will have to check them out. There are 2 blog sets there of pictures. The first is the Color Guard and the second set are pictures that I took and put into B&W. Because it was such a huge big to do, they held it at Old Fort Concho. Which holds many many years of Army heritage. They had some of the reenactment team there at the fort, dressed up in Traditional Old Army Uniform. They were in charge of the cannons. Yes, they are working, and the went off several times!

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