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08 May 2008

Pre-K here she comes!

I just registered Trice for Pre-K. I hadn't even given it a thought before and I had completely forgot that Texas School districts allow military children to participate for free.

I am kind of sad. Sad that she is growing up and sad that Emma will be lost without her home. Trice on the other hand wanted to start school today! I told her we have to wait until after her big sisters are out of school and we go visit Grandma. Then we can start getting her stuff ready to go school. So what does she ask???? Can we go to grandma's tomorrow?!

She's not excited at all!

Unfortunately, she will not be at the same school as her sisters. C Elementary does not have a Pre-K program. So she will be at the feeder school, which is actually closer to the house than C Elementary. So a lot of juggling will be going on. We are praying that she gets into the AM class. Not so much juggling then.

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