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28 March 2008

Spring Break '08

This year Spring Break was so very different for our family. Rich was away in Germany, leaving me with figuring out how to keep 4 very busy girls occupied for 10 days! Add crazy weather, and we had to change plans a few times. My friend Niki was husbandless that week as well, so we decided to spend it together. Making a good chunk of the week 6 very busy children against 2 tired moms!

Saturday March 15th I took the girls to the park for lunch. We stayed for 2 1/2 hours and had a blast!

It just happened that this particular weekend was the weekend of the San Angelo Air Show! We didn't go, but could see a good chunk from the park.

Did you see the little thing right of the dark plume of cloud that looks like a plane???

This is it

The plane was doing some mock bombings. It would fly really low and someone would set something off to make the "explosion". It was really fun to watch! It did it several times, so I decided to try to catch it on my camera.

And of course, what is an air show with out a little smoke trail action???

All the girls on the stairs to the "big" slide!

Sunday we didn't have normal church, it was Stake Conference. Monday was nasty and rainy. Tuesday we decided that since it rained pretty heavy the night before and it was still raining, we weren't going to go to the farm. So, we played it safe and went bowling!



Trice and her best friend Morgan


Wednesday Krysten came out for a visit! We spent the day relaxing.

Thursday morning, 3 moms were dragged to the zoo by 8 kiddos (we had an extra)!

Emma loved the giraffes! One of the two stood up and walked over towards us when we were getting ready to leave. She was so excited! She kept saying "hi guys, I Emma" and would tap her chest!

After we were done at the zoo, we walked over to the park. It's owned by the zoo. We had a picnic lunch and played for a while before we were ready to hit the road for an almost 1 hour drive home.

Elizabeth decided that she wants to be a rock star when she grows up!

Friday morning bright and early, at 4 we were up, ready and on our way into San Antonio. After a little trouble at the gate of Lackland AFB, we made it to Sam's graduation!

He is now officially a Master at Arms! We are so proud of him!!

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