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09 February 2008

Since I haven't blogged in a few

I thought I would say a few things today. This week I have learned that you can not please everyone. Especially Officer's Wives!!! I am the Activity Day Leader in our ward. We had one of our activities this past Wednesday. I had 12 girls there!!! One new, 2 extremely inactive (first time there), and one that comes occasionally (it was he last time).
We had a great night. We talked about how we need to read the scriptures as often as we can. Talked about the best times to do it and how to go about starting. Most of these girls never or only in primary will read something from them. We talked about different ways that people remember where stories or specific versus are.
I gave the girls the last 10 minutes to start their own studies. Some wrote down on paper flowers versus that they like, while others underlined with colored pencils. I thought the night went well. Even a member of the Stake Presidency slipped in for a few to say hello and to talk to the girls.
The following day the dreaded moment begins. The phone starts ringing! The primary president called. Said one of the mothers was very upset and to give her a call. I felt like panicking then! I called her, and thankfully for my nerves no one answered the phone.
Caller ID confirmed it, it was the upset mother. So I answered. She was upset that I had an "boring" activity about personal scripture study. She said that that should be up to the parents and the child to decide. I was calm, and told her that it was an adapted primary lesson that fulfilled a requirement in the Faith In God Booklet. Yup, that wasn't the worst of it!
She continued saying that she didn't approve of her daughter marking at all in her scriptures and at that she was not allowed to even touch them other than on Sunday's because they are her baptism scriptures and cost $80! No joke!
I had seen her daughter mark in her scriptures. She underlined pretty lightly, as they were new colored pencils.
So here I am, brand new to being the leader. First week in fact. I was the assistant before. Dealing with the worst case scenario. I am so thankful that KateLynn knows that she can read her scriptures when ever she wants. She has found her special times to study, and has found what works best for her as far as remembering where stories are (yes, she marks in her set of scriptures. The ones she received on her 8th birthday) and her favorite versus. I am so very proud of her!

Update: I had several mom's and dad's come up to me yesterday during church to tell me how excited their daughters were about the activity and the scriptures in general. Made me feel so much better.


Miss-buggy said...

what are scriptures? the bible? It really isn't right to wait until Sunday to allow a child to touch scriptures. Jesus didn't only preach on Sunday. Or should I say teach. How is the child supposed to grow if they can't study? That parent needs to buy more scriptures that the child CAN right in. That just isn't right, IMO

Mom's Place said...

Yes, scriptures are the Bible. In my church we also have The Book of Mormon. It's another testament of Jesus Christ.