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14 November 2007

Environmental Factors?

I have noticed HUGE differences in the way my kids are growing.

Katie - born in central CA. Moved to TX when she was 8 months old. She grew like crazy and was always 1-2 sizes ahead of her age (exp. at 12 months she wore 24 - 2T clothing). We moved to GA, and her growth slowed. Figured it was normal as she was my first. I only had to buy shoes at easter time and Christmas time. Clothing sizes fit her for a year at a time. Move back to TX, and in the last 4 months her feet have grown from a size 1 to a size 4 shoe. Pants were a loose 7 and now a comfy 8.

Zada - born in TX. Moved to GA when she was 2 weeks old. Has always been small. Weighed 7-7 at births. At 12 months was only wearing 6-9 month clothing. She wore 18 month clothing for 2 years. Trice never was able to wear them. Move back to TX, and like her sister pants have gone from a 6 slim being very loose and too long to a 7slim fitting perfect in every way! Her shoe size has also changed. She was an 11 and is now a 1. Remember, this is all in only 4 months time.

Trice - Born in GA. Just turned 4. She spent almost a year in 12 month clothing. Most of the entire following year in 18 month clothing. Size 3T was very loose around the waist, however perfect in length. I just had to buy a ton of 4T stuff. Length is good, yet slightly loose in the waist. Shoes, she has gone from a 7 to a 9 or 10 depending on the shoe.

Emma - Born in GA. 15 months when we moved back here to TX. When we left, she wore size 12 month and size 3 shoes. Now, again only 4 months later, wears 24 month clothing and a size 5 or 6 shoe.

All of a sudden all of their hair has started to rapidly grow. I could only get 1 pony tail in Emma's hair, now I can pull it all up (minus a few strands). Zada, I couldn't pull her hair up at all. I can put it all in a pony tail now. Katie's I keep shorter, her hair gets stringy looking the longer it grows. Trice, her hair when wet, goes to the middle of her back! It was at her shoulders when we moved.

Nothing has changed, other than our location.

Do you think that the environment can have that much of an effect on any one? It can't all be coincedense. Can it?

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