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23 July 2010

Monkey Monkey Music Review

Monkey Monkey Music, is an exciting new company. It encompasses children's musical activities which include live performances, CD's, and DVD's. 

I can't tell you how often, as a mom, I have looked for nursery rhymes or music for my children that will make learning things fun and entertaining, just to be disappointed. Too many times I find boring kids music, that ends up in the back of all our music to collect dust.

Not this time!!

Waldmania! would like to introduce, Meredith LeVande!

This sweet lady has surrounded herself in music from a young age. Finding the perfect meeting ground for "baby" songs and pop, Meredith keeps her music "catchy, clever, and upbeat".

Meredith has been true to herself with "What Are The Odds?". Geared towards children ages 2-7, even my 9 and almost 11 year old were caught dancing away to this captivating CD! The baby, bounced away, dancing to every song!

It was a refreshing change of pace listening to these songs. Some of which were good ol' classics, done up in a new way! I can promise that you have NEVER heard any version of "Wheels on the Bus" with this much energy! "Wheels" will have you wanting to listen over and over!

Meredith is making learning fun! Research shows that you learn faster when something is put to music. In young children, this is no different! 

Remember learning odds and evens? Was it difficult at first? I know that for a couple of my girls, it was. I dreaded them bring home homework that required them to figure out the even and odds.  

Meredith has brought into my home, a wonderful tool! "What Are The Odds", has my 4 year old singing her odd numbers, over and over! Last night she saw the number 9 on a page of a book. She pointed it out and very excitedly told me, "look mom, it's an odd"!  Thank you Meredith!!

Meredith, keep up the amazing work!

"This post was written for Family Review Network & Monkey Monkey Music who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review"

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