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12 September 2011

Extra Strength Stopain Review and Giveaway!

Recently, while my hubby was in the field, a friend of mine invited me to go hiking on Mt. Rainer with her and her kiddos! I figured why not. I hadn't ever been up there before, and had been wanting to for a while. So I packed up my 5 kids, camel backs, snacks, camera, and gear and headed out!

It was a beautiful day. Absolutely gorgeous out! There was still snow on the ground even! Can you even imagine? Middle of August, and still snow on the ground! It was fantastic! The kids loved it!

On my back I had over 20 pounds of child, water, snacks, camera, diapers, wipes, ect...you get the idea. My friend says it was probably closer to 30 pounds that I had on my back! It was awesome! He did well up there, being able to see everything! However, my poor back didn't quite agree with the situation!

You see, he liked it SO much up there, that if I stopped, he would rock like crazy in the direction he wanted to go! He even had sound effects for it all! LOL! Well, we started out on one trail, near the end of the day, and decided that with all the snow on the ground that was becoming increasingly more slushy, that we weren't going to take that steep hill.

Just as I went to take a step over a small stream, after we turned around, he did his "vroom" noise and rocked! With my foot in mid step, I ended with one knee on the ground (hit hard), in the water.  I had quite the bruise!

After such an exhausting day, I was extremely sore! I grabbed a bottle of Stopain, that had arrived in the mail not long before, and decided that that was the best time to put it to the test!  And boy was I glad that I did! The following morning, I had completely forgotten to spray some on, and I could barely walk down the stairs! LOL! I made my daughter run back up and grab it for me!

I have now decided that I need to have a bottle downstairs, as well as up...and send one with my hubby for at work! I love that there is a very light scent. That's one thing I don't like about other topical pain relievers. The smell. No worries about clearing sinuses around you with Stopain!!

Stopain also comes in other applications! In addition to the spray, Stopain is also available in a gel and in a roll on applicator!

Stopain is available for purchase online, as well as in the following stores:

Drug Chains

Discount Chains

Grocery Stores

Online Stores


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This review was written for Stopain, who provided me with a sample to facilitate this review.

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