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11 September 2011

Anti-Monkey Butt Review and Giveaway!

My hubby and I really love Anti-Monkey Butt! It's an awesome powder that has so many different uses! If you missed my first Review, click HERE. We've added many more applications since my last review! I'm not going to write this review on the powder line, no! Anti-Monkey But has a NEW and exciting product!!

New to Anti-Monkey Butt is Safari Towels!  These things are awesome! They smell great and have a fresh clean citrus smell.  And these "wipes", are like beach towels in comparison to a baby wipe! They measure in at an impressive 14”X24”!

Recently, my hubby spent some time out in the field. So guess what went with him???   If you guessed Anti-Monkey Butt, you are correct!  To give you an idea of what conditions were like in the field, check out this picture:

You get the idea, right? Dusty, dirty, grimy, and boy was it hot! (I know from first hand experience from spending one day out with him! Check out that story HERE!)  Any ways, I sent these awesome towels out to the field with him! The best comment I heard from him and his buddies, "Finally! A MAN sized wipe!" LOL!  Awesome! They were a huge hit!! I'm surprised he brought some home!

I will be stocking up on Anti-Monkey Butt, and the Anti-Monkey Butt Safari Towels for when my hubby is deployed! These make perfect additions to care packages as well. And, with my oldest daughter turning 12 this week (sigh), the Anti-Monkey Wipes will be a perfect addition to her back pack when she and the other Young Women do Back packing hikes. You know the ones, dig a hole, shower in streams if you have them, those kind!

*** For every bottle of powder you purchase we will donate $1 to Veteran Outdoors PLUS send a free Anti Monkey Butt product to a soldier serving our country. Click here to learn more >> *** 

These amazing products are available nationwide at many retailers, as well as online! Click HERE to find your closest retailer!

WIN IT!!! The makers of Anti-Monkey Butt are confident that you will love their product, as am I, and to prove it to you, they are supplying one of my readers with a Anti-Monkey Butt Prize Pack! Enter below!!

This review was written for Anti-Monkey Butt, who supplied me with samples to help with this review.

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